Description Edit

All the elements in Alchemy all classified into different groups. Each group has its unique icon and colour.

List of Element Groups Edit

The groups are listed from positive X to negative X, positive Z to negative Z in the map.

Name Icon Block Font Color Number of Elements
Air Group
Air group
Air group block
Aqua 7
Earth Group
Earth group
Earth group block
Green 11
Fire Group
Fire group
Fire group block
Gold 6
Water Group
Water group
Water group block
Dark Blue 6
Miscellaneous Group
Misc group
Misc group block
White 4
Organisms Group
Organisms group
Organisms group block
Light Purple 7
Animals Group
Animals group
Animals group block
Dark Green 8
Monsters Group
Monsters group
Monsters group block
Dark Purple 4
Manufactured Group
Manufactured group
Manufactured group block
Gray 3
Plants Group
Plants group
Plants group block
Yellow 4
Mechanisms Group
Mechanisms group
Mechanisms group block
Dark Gray 4
Dimensional Group
Dimensional group
Dimensional group block
Blue 2

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